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If you have any questions about any of our tests, you can schedule a complimentary information session with one of our board certified genetic counselors.


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Billing Lifecycle

If you’ve received your billing statement from Natera and are ready to pay, click:

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Billing Life Cycle

1. Estimate Test Cost

You can estimate the cost of your test using our Test Cost Estimator.

Estimate Test Cost »

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2. Welcome Letter

You will receive a welcome letter from Natera.
This is an explanation that Natera has submitted a claim to your insurance provider.

Action Items: None

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3. Explanation of Benefits

You’ll receive a statement sent from your insurance provider that explains the medical services paid on your behalf. Please note this is NOT a bill.

Action Items: None

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4. Billing Statement

After all of the insurance processing, including your insurance company paying your claim, you will receive a billing statement from Natera. If you have any questions about this bill, please call 877-869-3052.

Action Items: Pay Bill

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5. Pay Bill

Pay Bill Online

Or you can call Natera at 877-869-3052 if you have any questions or want to pay over the phone.

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